Greetings from South Africa!

While it took over 24 hours of flying time to get here (here being Johannesburg) from Boston, it’s been an amazing trip so far. Last night we went to the Spain-Germany match in Durban. We got there several hours in advance to get fired up at the beach festival adjacent to the Fan Fest location. Although it was a bit chilly (it is winter here after all), we had a great time … [Read more...]

Four With Three (Stripes)

Saturday's games featured four teams outfitted by adidas, the brand most associated with soccer. The iconic three stripes have been part of my soccer experience growing up, from the Beckenbauer Liberos and Copa Mundials that I wore as a high school player to the uniform of the Scotia-Glenville Tartans I wore and the Azteca ball that I got at Mountain View Soccer Camp in Lake … [Read more...]

Ghana, Baby, Ghana

Ghana was simply the better team on Saturday.  From the goal line, where Kingson played a very strong and confident game to the attack line, where the Black Stars kept pushing and pushing, it was clear that the US lacked the goal scoring punch that is essential to moving ahead in the Finals.  Sure, Tim Howard shouldn’t have been beaten on the near post for the first goal, but … [Read more...]

World Cup Update and Predictions

Summer Solstice soon... at least here in the Northern HemisphereWhile there was talk prior to the World Cup about how it being winter in South Africa would affect the teams and game, especially those from Northern Europe and particularly England (after seeing Gary Linekar and the boys wilt in the Mexican sun in 1986), I don't recall reading anything predicting the cold that … [Read more...]

Draws, Keepers and Vuvuzelas

Well, the matches have begun and we’ve already seen some surprises (Italy’s draw in the rain being the biggest to me).  The USA-England result wasn’t a surprise to me, but the way it happened certainly was.  As a former keeper, it’s hard not to feel just awful for Robert Green after what happened.  England certainly had plenty of chances to win the game, but Tim Howard proved … [Read more...]