Get Leaner Looking Legs

Get Leaner Looking Legs: Inner Thigh and Side Butt Exercises Do you hate lifting weights and but want to find a way to tone your lower body? Try this Pilates/Fitness Fusion leg workout I just uploaded on my own YouTube channel. It's a hybrid of the Pilates side leg series with a few of my favorite side butt burners.  This workout features 6 moves, and focuses on the side … [Read more...]

Beach Body Bootcamp!

Boy, did Beach Body Bootcamp kick our butts last night! I don’t think either of us has ever attempted that many squats, lunges or push-ups, let alone a consecutive series of all three! Our trainer Ian (aka bootcamp sergeant J) led us with the perfect mix of motivation and encouragement. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, which was a great reminder that beach season has … [Read more...]