Boston Tri-Clinic on Nutrition & Product

Our second clinic with Boston Triathlon & TYR went well. It was great to have experienced triathletes present as well as beginners, because the session became a great discussion on nutrition, with different people talking about what worked and didn't work for them in prior races. The nutritionist from Boston Triathlon, Kate was full of knowledge and even stuck around after … [Read more...]

Boston Triathlon Clinic

It was a great first night of the series!  Despite the rainy conditions we had a fair amount of people show up… we had a good mix of triathlon newbies and some who had participated in a few races but were looking to pick our brains.  The guys from Wheelworks were awesome and participants benefited a lot from experiencing the bike to run transition.  During the wait time for … [Read more...]

Interview with Jordan Rapp: Zoot Sports Athlete and Four-Time Ironman Champion

Jordan Rapp is highly skilled in the art of perseverance.  After a breakout year in the world of triathlons in 2009, Jordan nearly died after slamming into a car during a prep interval in early 2010.  Since then, Jordan has competed in numerous events and recently took home this year’s Ironman Texas Championship. Now a four-time Ironman Champion, Jordan Rapp also boasts several … [Read more...]

Competing in your first Triathlon?

Posted by Jason Zagami Competing in your first Triathlon? I say the most important rule on race day is don't try anything new. Unless you're looking to sabotage yourself, don't try a new pair of shoes, a different fueling strategy, or modify your equipment in any way. Jesse Kropelniki of QT2 Triathlon Systems and I have put together these six areas to focus on for your … [Read more...]

Introducing the Ultra Speed: Interview with Zoot Sports’ Dave Jewell

When speed is the creed, look no further than the Zoot Sports Ultra Speed.  Using a top down approach to building a fast feel, this shoe is perfect for any triathlete. For an inside look at the inspiration and triathlon-specific elements behind the Ultra Speed, we caught up with Dave Jewell, Zoot Sports Footwear Product Manager.1. The Ultra Speed was designed with the unique … [Read more...]