Get tips from a professional instructor on how to properly use Kettle Bells Enjoy exclusive shopping discounts just for participating Post workout refreshments and a secure place to store your belongings will be provided Find a Kettle Bell Workshop near you! BOSTON: Friday, January 20th from 7-8AM City Sports Back Bay 480 Boylston Street Boston, MA … [Read more...]

SWEAT defined

SWEAT Verb. Tweet #iwillsweat #iwillsweat sweat or sweat·ed, sweat·ing “to excrete moisture in visible quantities through the openings of the sweat glands; perspire” With respect to its inherent nature, sweat is an ordinary one syllable word.  Often taken for granted as a basic trait shared amongst mammals, sweat is often dismissed as nothing more than a nuisance. An … [Read more...]

2011 Philadelphia Marathon Recap

Out of the 20,000 runners gathered in Philadelphia last Sunday, there probably wasn’t one who didn’t feel pressure. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the elite corral. For many of them, the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon represented their last chance to qualify for the Olympic team trials.They had good reason to pin their hopes on this course. It’s here that the … [Read more...]

Training the Aerobic System without Running

As much as I love running, there are times when it's just not possible. Sometimes it's and injury, sometimes there's too much ice in the winter, but whatever the reason Cardio-Respiratory Training must go on. Concept2 Rower I love the C2 Rower. Last year we had 9 athletes compete (including myself) in the World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston. This is an amazing … [Read more...]

Running in Minimalist Footwear

Posted by Jason Zagami Minimalist shoes is one of the fastest growing categories in the footwear world. These shoes have little or no cushioning, 4mm- 0mm heel drop, and are worn without socks.  Mechanically these shoes encourage you to run in a more natural gait. If you took your shoes off and just ran barefoot, you would actually run well without even thinking about … [Read more...]