How to Run Fast

You're a seasoned runner but you can't seem to break this speed plateau, I think I can help.   Below are my the three components to fast running. Top Speed The higher your overall top speed, the faster you'll be when running at that sustainable 85% of Max Hear Rate. Top speed is a function of two things Power Output and Neuromuscular Conditioning. Power output is how … [Read more...]

Ragnar Relay Runner Profile: Chris Collins

City Sports and Saucony are about to embark on the epic adventure that is Ragnar Relay New England. This daring team of runners from across the country that will take on the 200 Miles of rolling hills. Those 24 hours will put us face-to-face with a great challenge, one that we will meet head-on with our greatest, and most secret, weapons. This runner profile provides an inside … [Read more...]

Cross-Training for Runners

If there is one thing that pushes runners to get outside and run, it's a goal.  Whether it be extending the usual route a quarter mile or qualifying for a marathon, many runner's use goals as a means of improving their personal best and overall fitness.  If there is one thing that holds a runner back, however, it's a nagging injury or nasty weather. So what does a runner do … [Read more...]

Soaring Temps, Training Tips and Water Breaks

Despite the soaring temperatures and unbearable humidity, 15 runners showed up to 480 Boylston Street on Tuesday night for Run Club.  This week we took a hiatus from our typical routine and embarked on a City Sports Run Club Boot Camp adventure.  After a modest 2-mile warm-up we met up with Healthworks trainer Regan for some training exercises along the banks of the Charles … [Read more...]

Heat + Humidity = H20 please!

Proper hydration was on everyone's mind as we faced a night of heat and humidity.  24 runners participated in our Tuesday night routine, including 4 first-timers.  We were joined by Matt from Saucony who gave a great talk about the brand's minimalist styles. Out on the run, conversation turned to the recently completed Corporate Challenge and 13.1 Boston; congratulations to all … [Read more...]