Pip Taylor is a professional Triathlete, nutritionist, and Nathan-sponsored athlete. For more information on Pip Taylor, visit     Proper hydration: Don’t overlook it! Proper hydration leads to increased energy, peak muscle function, less cramping, and more comfort during exertion – all good things to experience when taking on a run … [Read more...]

FRUIT: How much is too much?

Posted by Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD – Sports Nutrition Services LLC Is fruit “free” (of calories)? Lots of my weight-conscious clients eat lots of fruit, They think it is calorie-free. And then they wonder whey they don’t lose weight, despite exercising and eating healthfully. The average piece of fruit offers about 100 calories; a large serving of fruit can easily … [Read more...]

the edible perspective – “BerryLicious” Smoothie

Hello all! Ever get a hankering for something sweet but don't want to sacrifice a healthy diet?  You are in luck! Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite recipes for a smoothie I like to call "BerryLicious".  This smoothie is not only satisfyingly delectable, but healthy too! The Health Benefits: Protein: Helps you feel full and satisfied with the nutrients … [Read more...]

Quick weight loss: Don’t “waist” your energy!

Posted by Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD - Sports Nutrition Services LLC"I know everyone says to lose weight slowly, but that just won’t work for me... I just have to get rid of this weight quickly. I can’t stand this uncomfortable stuff around my middle” she complained with disgust while grabbing the flesh at her waist."My client was clearly uncomfortable with her body and eager to … [Read more...]

Soaring Temps, Training Tips and Water Breaks

Despite the soaring temperatures and unbearable humidity, 15 runners showed up to 480 Boylston Street on Tuesday night for Run Club.  This week we took a hiatus from our typical routine and embarked on a City Sports Run Club Boot Camp adventure.  After a modest 2-mile warm-up we met up with Healthworks trainer Regan for some training exercises along the banks of the Charles … [Read more...]