Marathon 2012 Training Runs

WEEKLY TRAINING RUN DETAILS:All levels and abilities are welcomeTest the latest Adidas running gearPost-run clinics on gear and nutrition on 1/15 and 1/22You do not need to be registered for the Marathon in order to participateEvery Sunday at 9AM starting Sunday January 8thCity Sports Wellesley 475 Washington Street Wellesley, MA 02482 Phone: 781-431-0010RSVP:[contact-form-7 … [Read more...]


Can eggs—yolk and all—fit into a heart-healthy sports diet? Yes! Although eggs have been given a bad rap because the yolk is high in cholesterol and has been thought to elevate blood cholesterol, the majority of healthy active people can enjoy the whole egg, yolk and all! Just go easy on the saturated fat in the accompanying breakfast foods: bacon, buttery toast, and greasy … [Read more...]

Nutrition Tips to Conquer the Cold

Q. When I go for a run in the cold, I often get chilled. Any nutrition suggestions for helping me enjoy my winter workouts? A. Winter nutrition is important and can certainly make cold weather exercise more fun. Here are a few winter fueling tips to help athletes of all stay fit and comfortable through the winter months. Enjoy a pre-exercise snack of 200 to 300 calories … [Read more...]

Diet VS Exercise

While a combination of exercising more and eating less is a good idea, the key to losing undesired body fat is to eat fewer calories. Subtracting food seems to be more important than adding on exercise for fat loss. While aerobic exercise like running or cycling does help create a calorie deficit, a smart choice is to also lift weights. This helps preserve your muscles. … [Read more...]

How to build your Sports Diet

Posted by Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD – Sports Nutrition Services LLC “What percent of my calories should come from carbohydrates, protein and fat?” my client asked in his efforts to improve his sports diet and his performance. “Should it be 40% carb, 30% protein and 30% fat? Or 65-15-30?” Clearly, he had been reading the popular literature and felt totally confused by the mixed … [Read more...]