6 Last Minute Halloween Costumes that Double for the Gym

Scare up a costume that kills. The clock is ticking down to Halloween. Walk right past the chaos and flammable fabrics in that pop-up Halloween store and continue on to City Sports. We'll help you build an impressive costume from the workout gear you crave. Just in case you need to work off those Kit Kat's and a few glasses of Bloody Good Halloween Punch. 6 Costumes That … [Read more...]

Four With Three (Stripes)

Saturday's games featured four teams outfitted by adidas, the brand most associated with soccer. The iconic three stripes have been part of my soccer experience growing up, from the Beckenbauer Liberos and Copa Mundials that I wore as a high school player to the uniform of the Scotia-Glenville Tartans I wore and the Azteca ball that I got at Mountain View Soccer Camp in Lake … [Read more...]

Nike Sponsored Run Club: March 30th, 2010

This was one of those nights when you just have to grit your teeth, drop your face from the rain and be grateful that you have the support of 15 fellow runners. Our 5-mile route was best navigated on a flotation device, but run club members saw this as an opportunity to practice agility drills as we avoided puddles. Nike was our guest vendor this week and … [Read more...]