New Balance Fresh Foam Zante

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Boston Limited Edition  Celebrate the city that loves running with this special release of Fresh Foam Zante, featuring Boston shout-outs throughout. Run. Fastah. With a sleek, snug fit that’s dialed in for speed, this limited edition Fresh Foam Zante gives the shoe that’s made for marathons a Boston makeover. Designed from data gathered from … [Read more...]

Introducing the 890V2 Boston: Interview with New Balance’s Claire Wood

New Balance is proud to be from The Hub, which is why the special edition Boston 890 features custom iconography along the heel and insole that represent Boston's best.   This limited edition version of their lightest neutral running shoe is here to commemorate the big race.  Just pick up the Boston 890 and you'll feel it right away: the potential to move with a lightness … [Read more...]

Introducing the NB MX20: Interview with New Balance’s Kevin Fitzpatrick

CrossFit is one of the fastest growing trends in the fitness industry.  The style of training prepares you both physically and physiologically for essentially any physical task.  Choice footwear for the sport requires balance, stability and multi-directional flexibility in a lightweight design.  Enter the MX20 and WX20 from New Balance. The MX20 and WX20 are from the New … [Read more...]

Baltimore Run Club sponsored by New Balance

Last night 14 of us headed out for a great “St. Patrick’s Day eve” fun run.  We were joined by Jordan from New Balance who brought free water bottles for the whole group and test shoes of the Minimus trail and 890 light weight neutral shoes.  People laced up some test shoes and we headed out for an Irish tour of Baltimore.  As I’ve mentioned in previous recaps, Baltimore has a … [Read more...]