Introducing the Vibram FiveFingers Seeya & Spyridon

Vibram has been a trusted leader in performance and innovation since 1935 when their founder, Vitale Bramani, invented the first rubber sole for hiking. 70 years later Vibram introduced the next generation of innovative performance soles, Vibram FiveFingers. These unmistakable shoes have exploded in popularity back in 2006 and have been going strong ever since.  For an inside … [Read more...]

Introducing Bareform: Interview with Merrell’s Hy Rosario

Merrell has made quite an impact in the running community with their Barefoot range, including the Trail Glove and Sonic Glove.  Describe how the idea for creating this collection began. It was clear that there was a grassroots movement in process in the running community.  Merrell believed that there was an unmet opportunity to bring mainstream barefoot products to fitness … [Read more...]

Introducing the PureProject: Interview with Brooks’ Carson Caprara

Known for their unique combination of serious performance gear and a "Run Happy" attitude, Brooks has long been a beast in the running industry.  Whether you've chatted it up with one of the many Brooks Gurus at a local run club or have been entranced by their Cavalcade of Curiousities, chances are you've taken a ride in a pair of Brooks running shoes yourself.  If so, there is … [Read more...]

Running in Minimalist Footwear

Posted by Jason Zagami Minimalist shoes is one of the fastest growing categories in the footwear world. These shoes have little or no cushioning, 4mm- 0mm heel drop, and are worn without socks.  Mechanically these shoes encourage you to run in a more natural gait. If you took your shoes off and just ran barefoot, you would actually run well without even thinking about … [Read more...]

Introducing the Hattori: Interview with Saucony’s Chris Mahoney

Minimalism became a mainstream phenomenon in the fitness world in early 2010.  While the general footwear industry was focused on the benefits of more cushioning and stability, minimalism stressed the opposite for running shoes.  Compared to most of their traditional counterparts, Minimalist running shoes are typically built lighter, lower to the ground, and with less … [Read more...]