Introducing the 890V2 Boston: Interview with New Balance’s Claire Wood

New Balance is proud to be from The Hub, which is why the special edition Boston 890 features custom iconography along the heel and insole that represent Boston's best.   This limited edition version of their lightest neutral running shoe is here to commemorate the big race.  Just pick up the Boston 890 and you'll feel it right away: the potential to move with a lightness … [Read more...]

Introducing the Vibram FiveFingers Seeya & Spyridon

Vibram has been a trusted leader in performance and innovation since 1935 when their founder, Vitale Bramani, invented the first rubber sole for hiking. 70 years later Vibram introduced the next generation of innovative performance soles, Vibram FiveFingers. These unmistakable shoes have exploded in popularity back in 2006 and have been going strong ever since.  For an inside … [Read more...]

Introducing the Wave Rider 15: Interview with Mizuno USA’s Rod Foley

The Mizuno Wave Rider has long been a staple in the “neutral” running shoe category thanks to a design that provides responsive cushioning in a lightweight package.  Now on it’s 15th edition, the Mizuno Wave Rider boasts everything you’ve come to know and love plus a little more.  For an inside scoop on the inspiration and strategy behind the shoe, we caught up with Rod Foley, … [Read more...]

Introducing United By Blue: Interview with President & Chief Trash Collector

Did you know that we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the sea floor? With all the recent attention paid to making our sky and land greener, it seems that we’ve perhaps forgotten about the deep blue. As a society that lives on land, it is hard for many of us to see how closely our lives are connected to the world’s waterways, even though over 70% of the … [Read more...]

Introducing the Ultra Speed: Interview with Zoot Sports’ Dave Jewell

When speed is the creed, look no further than the Zoot Sports Ultra Speed.  Using a top down approach to building a fast feel, this shoe is perfect for any triathlete. For an inside look at the inspiration and triathlon-specific elements behind the Ultra Speed, we caught up with Dave Jewell, Zoot Sports Footwear Product Manager.1. The Ultra Speed was designed with the unique … [Read more...]