5 Top Training Tips from Philly’s Optimum Fit

Want to increase your fitness but don't know where to start? We have the tips for you. We tapped Osayi Osunde, one of our elite athletes and co-founder of Optimum Fit, for his expert insight. Every weekday morning in Philadelphia you'll find this former Villanova football player running Fit Academy's awesome group fitness classes. He's helped countless people of all … [Read more...]

Chrissy’s Boot Camp Experience

Have you ever wanted to take a Boot Camp class but have concerns about how it will fit into your busy schedule or feel that you are not ready physically?  Chrissy Durden, Apparel Buyer and Head of Design for CS by City Sports, is both a full-time mom and career woman who completed a boot camp series in Downtown Boston this summer.  If she can do it, so can you!  Read about her … [Read more...]

Introducing the Charge RC: Interview with Under Armour’s Dave Dombrow

Under Armour is best known for their compression apparel line which, to put it simply, redefined how clothes fit and perform with the body.  Over the last couple of years they’ve begun introducing more and more footwear into the sporting goods industry.  By keeping the DNA of their apparel (performance fit) in mind, their footwear has made some noise.  Introducing the Under … [Read more...]

Running in Minimalist Footwear

Posted by Jason Zagami Minimalist shoes is one of the fastest growing categories in the footwear world. These shoes have little or no cushioning, 4mm- 0mm heel drop, and are worn without socks.  Mechanically these shoes encourage you to run in a more natural gait. If you took your shoes off and just ran barefoot, you would actually run well without even thinking about … [Read more...]