Interview with Jordan Rapp: Zoot Sports Athlete and Four-Time Ironman Champion

Jordan Rapp is highly skilled in the art of perseverance.  After a breakout year in the world of triathlons in 2009, Jordan nearly died after slamming into a car during a prep interval in early 2010.  Since then, Jordan has competed in numerous events and recently took home this year’s Ironman Texas Championship. Now a four-time Ironman Champion, Jordan Rapp also boasts several … [Read more...]

Introducing Tina from City Sports Silver Spring

 When preparing our new store in Silver Spring, MD in the fall of 2011 one of our top priorities was building a team of enthusiastic and passionate individuals to represent City Sports in the community.  Few fit the mold as well as Tina Stilson.  In between managing the equipment department at the store and testing out the latest product, Tina spends her time running, cycling … [Read more...]

Training the Aerobic System without Running

As much as I love running, there are times when it's just not possible. Sometimes it's and injury, sometimes there's too much ice in the winter, but whatever the reason Cardio-Respiratory Training must go on. Concept2 Rower I love the C2 Rower. Last year we had 9 athletes compete (including myself) in the World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston. This is an amazing … [Read more...]

Getting out There

I first began my career at City Sports in 2001 as a Footwear Manager.  As an avid runner and cyclist in Boston, City Sports was always a destination for me as a student and athlete.  When I wasn’t working or exercising I was studying at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  Recently my focus has shifted from fitness to my family and career.  I am a happy husband and … [Read more...]

UrbanAdventours Ride Series Recap

Before I begin with the Urban Adventours Ride Series recap, congrats to the Boston Bruins for taking home the Stanley Cup!  Woo-hoo! On our ride this week, we were lucky enough to check out the team outside of Tia's with the cup before we set off for about a 16 mile ride.  Unlike last week, thunderstorms, the weather was perfect for an outside ride!  We were all excited to get … [Read more...]