2011 Philadelphia Marathon Recap

Out of the 20,000 runners gathered in Philadelphia last Sunday, there probably wasn’t one who didn’t feel pressure. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the elite corral. For many of them, the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon represented their last chance to qualify for the Olympic team trials.They had good reason to pin their hopes on this course. It’s here that the … [Read more...]

The CS Fit

Have you ever loved the way apparel looked and felt in-store only to hate the way it performed on the run or in the gym?  When you train, sweat and breath your body is more sensitive to what is next-to-skin.  As the Fit Technician for CS designed by City Sports, my primary objective is to ensure that your always comfortable with how our apparel fits your body.  I want to make … [Read more...]

In-store Inspiration

My path to the corporate office was not your typical resume – interview – you’re hired experience.   I started my City Sports career over four years ago at the Commonwealth Avenue location as a sales associate.   In 2009 I was invited to be part of a photo shoot for new the CS product where I met Chrissy Durden, CS by City Sports Head of Design.  As the CS line began to grow, … [Read more...]

Chrissy’s Boot Camp Experience

Have you ever wanted to take a Boot Camp class but have concerns about how it will fit into your busy schedule or feel that you are not ready physically?  Chrissy Durden, Apparel Buyer and Head of Design for CS by City Sports, is both a full-time mom and career woman who completed a boot camp series in Downtown Boston this summer.  If she can do it, so can you!  Read about her … [Read more...]

You’ll Love It: Performance Light Tee

As a runner, I find the winter months to be somewhat of a drag.  And as much as I like to hit up the gym for some cross-training, I’ve always found running on a treadmill to be dreadfully boring.  So, in order to maintain my weekly mileage, I have to cope with whatever Mother Nature has planned.  More often than not that includes snow fall, icy roads, brisk wind and minimal … [Read more...]