Brooks Lobster Shoe

The Lobster Launch 2 is Brooks' first shoe celebrating and honoring the iconic Boston Marathon. This version of the Brooks Launch 2 is appropriately adorned with patterned images of the lobster and a bright blue ocean midsole to represent the Atlantic Ocean. Get ready for lift-off in the all-new Launch 2 men's running shoe. Brooks has taken everything you love about the … [Read more...]

Introducing the Ghost 5: Interview with Brooks’ Jon Teipen

The Brooks Ghost 5 is so supremely smooth and impeccably balanced, it’s scary. Brooks took the best of the award-winning Ghost 3 and 4 designs, built in new innovations, and then merged it all with striking colors and patterns.  To get an inside look at the inspiration and design of the new Ghost, we caught up with Brooks Sports Footwear Product Line Manager Jon Teipen.Q.  The … [Read more...]

Layering 101

Do You Layer?It’s no secret that ambulatory athletes (our runners, walkers and hikers) harbor a special hatred of winter. Walking in the cold and snow is unpleasant. Running in the dark is dangerous.But many of these problems can be fixed by taking a fundamental adaptation—layering our clothes—and applying it to working out.Why Layer?Adding or shedding layers will give you more … [Read more...]

50 Miles in my PureGrits!

It was warm in my hotel room at 4:46am when I slipped on my Brooks PureGrit shoes.  “I won’t be taking these off again until I complete 50 miles.” I thought to myself.  I looked out the window and saw frost twinkling on cars and trees.  A cool crisp day, perfect for running!I arrived at the starting line of the Tussey Mountainback 50 miler at 530am and prepped for what would be … [Read more...]

Introducing the PureProject: Interview with Brooks’ Carson Caprara

Known for their unique combination of serious performance gear and a "Run Happy" attitude, Brooks has long been a beast in the running industry.  Whether you've chatted it up with one of the many Brooks Gurus at a local run club or have been entranced by their Cavalcade of Curiousities, chances are you've taken a ride in a pair of Brooks running shoes yourself.  If so, there is … [Read more...]