Adidas sponsored 19th Street Run Club – Week One

What a great run this week!  Adidas will be sponsoring all of our runs this month and Dan was there to kick things off.  Dan was kind enough to provide Supernova Glides and Sequences for the runners to test out and give their feedback on.  We had a great turnout this week including a couple new runners, it has been awesome to see a lot of new faces over the past few … [Read more...]

Adidas sponsored NYC Run Club – Week One

Although the day looked like rain would be joining us on our run of Central Park the weather cleared up just in time.  Paul from Adidas was there to give us tech information on the Supernova Sequence 3 shoes that many opted to wear-test.  Our group headed out in our brand new City Sports Run Club shirts that Adidas provided.  Most of the group ran the 4mile loop that passes by … [Read more...]

Adidas sponsored Philly Run Club – Week One

The weather was GORGEOUS for the 19 run club participants at City Sports Walnut Street!! Brittnee from Adidas came to not only chat with us about updates in products, but also to join in on the fun! Two groups took different routes: one 4-mile group to Lloyd Hall and one 3-mile group to the Art Museum!! With only one week left, the Summer Search kids are giving us their all in … [Read more...]

Adidas sponsored Baltimore Run Club – Week One

Last night 10 runners met at City Sports Baltimore for the first of 4 Run Clubs this month Sponsored by Adidas and Nathan.  We had 10 runners come out on what started to be a cold and rainy day in Baltimore.  The weather did however cooperate and we had a nice cool breezy evening to go for a run without any rain.  Dan from Adidas came last night bringing with him lots of energy … [Read more...]

Adidas sponsored Boston Run Club – Week One

We have experienced a great start to the spring Run Club season in Boston. Attendance levels have consistently lingered around the 30 runner mark, the weather has been on an upswing and we have experienced wildly successful vendor partnerships. Last night was no exception as we kicked off a 5 week collaboration with Adidas and Nathan. Resident Adidas rep, AJ Soucy, welcomed … [Read more...]