Steve Hoffman

Urban Athlete-9Name: 
Steve Hoffman

Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What area of fitness do you specialize in?
My focus is on a variety of different fitness specialties, depending on the goal. Focusing on fat loss, conditioning, and weight loss provides a seriously challenging workout for clients and me. I also focus a lot on strength training, Olympic lifting, and bodybuilding principles with my clients. Combining these principles with nutritional coaching allows my clients to gain the perfect blend of being cardiovasculary fit, functionally strong, all the while feeling and looking great.

How did you get started in your given field?
I was a chubby/fat kid throughout my entire childhood. My family was never healthy, with horrendous eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. One day in my Junior Year of High School, I decided I needed a change. I learned how to eat healthy and started exercising. Once I saw and felt the results and I gained confidence, I was addicted. I then made it my major in college, getting my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Maryland. Now I’m a fitness professional. Fitness is my life. I am one of the lucky few that get to wake up every day and make a living doing what I LOVE.

What motivates you?
There are many things that motivate me. Mainly, I thrive to be recognized as the best in the industry at my craft. Whether it is waking up at 5:30 a.m. for a client or investing my money and time into continuing education and certifications, I do what I have to do to continue to grow and lead by example. I am also motivated by my amazing clients who are constantly pushing themselves to the limit to reach their goals. I love nothing more than working with people who love fitness and who will do whatever must be done to reach his/her fitness goals.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to improve upon their fitness routine?
The thing I recommend is to get outside of your comfort zone and don’t forget to change your routine up. I’m talking about a systematic change/alteration, such as changing repetitions or tempo count at least on a bi-weekly basis. Working out is about applying a stimulus to your body, working at it until your body is jusssst about to adapt, and then change it.

Master the basic compound lifts: squat, deadlift, benchpress/pushup, swing/hip hinge, overhead press, rows, and pullups. Find someone (like myself) to help teach you perfect form and also find a coach to teach you technique on the olympic lifts (cleans, jerks, snatches). These force the many muscles in your body to work in sync generating force, which leads to increased lean muscle mass, lower body fat, and better athletic performance.City Sports Elite Athlete - Steven Hoffman


Why are you a fan of the City Sports Brand?
The City Sports Brand offers its own spin on all of the fitness apparel trends of today. Whether it is athletic shirts, socks, pants or t-shirts, City Sports gear is durable, reliable, and great for physical activity. They carry all of the top fitness apparel brands and are the go-to for all of my workout gear.

Why did you want to become an Elite Athlete?
By being an Elite Athlete, I can present my fitness story to City Sports consumers and hopefully inspire others to change their life through fitness as well. It is an honor to be an Elite Athlete at the top athletic goods store in Philadelphia.

What is your favorite gear to work out in?
I love all Nike Footwear and will wear nothing else. They are the perfect blend of function and style. I work out in light/dri fit style pants year round because it keeps my legs warm and core temperature up. I love Nike, Under Armour, and City Sport brand pants. I also love Under Armour pants, shirts and compression shorts. I constantly wear City Sport and Nike dri fit t-shirts and tank tops.

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