The Most Informal Relay Run Ever

The Most Informal Running Club Ever (“T.M.I.R.C.E.”) recently held their Summer Relay Run at Magazine Beach in Cambridge on a sun-soaked Saturday perfect for a quick sprint along the banks of the Charles River.

The event drew over 100 participants comprised of long-time TMIRCE members and a good number of runners making their debut performance.  Runners were randomly divided into teams of six with every participant having a partner to run the 3 mile course with.   In between the actual running, teams could acquire additional points by answering trivia questions, winning “food challenges”, or completely other physical activities like cartwheels and the best break dancing move.  Needless to say, this was not your typical relay run.

City Sports, CLIF Bar, and New Balance were on-site sponsors that provided food & refreshments, product previews and some much-needed shade to runners thanks to our handy tents.  Just as the midday sun reached its peak, the winning team took to the podium to a round of cheers from their fellow runners before everyone retreated to across the street where a post-run potluck barbeque carried on the fun of the day.

TMIRCE meets at City Sports’ Commonwealth Avenue location every Saturday morning for their weekly runs.  For more information, check out


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