The Game Plan – Holly

Posted by Holly Hurley

My friend Kat and I work at City Sports on Comm. Ave together. We both work thep register, love to run and are personal trainers in our “other” lives.  Along with Keli, our one-time Store Manager, we’ve motivated each other through a challenging New England winter to get ready the spring racing season when all other signs pointed to us staying home and gaining thirty pounds in hot chocolate weight.

Kat and I both submitted to run Boston, and when we thought all hope had waned, we registered for the Cox Marathon in Providence.  When I got the number and Kat did not,  It was tough to tell her.  I felt like it wasn’t fair when we had both endured and motivated each other through the tough winter months.  Kat didn’t mind for even a second.  She was excited for me and started helping me plan immediately.  Along with our usual routes, she started planning routes with a small loop at the end so that I can have my course maps for the distance I need to cover sooner than she and Keli.

Once I got the number, Kat was not the only one to lend a helping hand.

My client, Lisa, who has age grouped distance races, had started running with me to push my pace.

My friend, Hayley, who’s dream of running a marathon has been unfulfilled before this year, registered both of us for the New Bedford Half Marathon next month and has started training

with us for the race in Providence as well.

My colleagues at the Commonwealth Sports Club have all started sharing my plight.  They’ve all registered for the Tough Mudder and sometimes join me for excruciating hill days.  They’re planning to come on “Patriot’s Day” day with signs and yell for me all day long along with my husband and sister-in-law.

Now, whether it’s a weekday pace run, a brutal hill workout on Summit, or an endless weekend slog, I know I have support.  For the times when I have to putter around on my own, I have an audible account and hundreds of audio books to carry me hours and hours up and down Comm Ave.  I recently finished “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” and have moved on to “Pillars of the Earth”.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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