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Posted by Alex Eld

With ice, snow, cold, strong winds, and the occasional bout of thunder snow hammering Boston for the last few months, establishing a clear training path to Boston has not been an easy task. After looking at calendars and mapping out training runs on Map My, I have gone the most popular route to ‘simply’ build up mileage throughout the weeks with long runs over the weekend. Like all best laid plans, easier said than done.

As soon as I found out I was running Boston I signed up for was the Eastern States Run for the Border 20 miler. The route takes the runners on a windy ride along the eastern coast moving from Kittery Maine through Hampton beach and into Salisbury, Massachusetts. I have done this race before and finished with horrible experiences. I had run 20 miles in three hours and fifty minutes. It was raining with 35 degree temperatures and strong winds knocking the runners to the side. I have the mind set to revisit this course and run the 20 miles in 2 hrs and 30 minutes. I want to be able to feel comfortable going into Boston knowing I am well prepared.

I did think it was important to get some fun runs along the way to help keep my moral up as training gets harder. I will be participating in the Ras St.Pattys 5k in Somerville with some of the regular run club members. This should be a quick and fun race with intentions to just have fun. With these races planned I have some routes in my log to use for my training. A majority of the runs will be through Comm Ave, hitting Heart Break Hill and running into Boston. I liked the idea of using the course as a training run. My long runs will finish at 20miles and I should be able to get three of those in the books before Boston.

I also have a great advantage of living in Brighton and growing up in Brookline. I know the area, the hills, the side streets and local convenient stores for water stops and other “needs”. With long runs planned I hope to get some hill workouts in. Every week I will run out to Washington Square to the infamous Summit Hill. With an incline of 70 feet over .4 tenths of a mile it gives a great hill to work on hill repeats and core work. With all this planned every Tuesday night I will always be running 5 miles with my favorite people.

Run club has been a huge asset to my training. I do better with a group and I will use this 5 mile run as a base mileage to keep myself in good condition. My biggest challenge is to keep getting out there and giving myself the chance to reach that ultimate goal and Qualify for Boston.

It’s a long road to Boston, so you’ve got to hit the ground running.


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