Ragnar Relay Runner Profile: Chris Collins

City Sports and Saucony are about to embark on the epic adventure that is Ragnar Relay New England. This daring team of runners from across the country that will take on the 200 Miles of rolling hills. Those 24 hours will put us face-to-face with a great challenge, one that we will meet head-on with our greatest, and most secret, weapons. This runner profile provides an inside look at Relay Runner and City Sports employee Chris Collins.

Chris Collins

CC (I have very creative friends)

What do you do for work?:
Footwear manager at City Sports in Legacy Place

What’s your running experience and have you ever done a relay before:
My running career began in 8th grade during the spring outdoor track season for Triton Regional High School in Byfield, MA.  Throughout high school I competed in Cross Country in the fall and without an indoor track team, I spent my winters running and finding road races in the area to compete in until outdoor track season came along in the spring.  I competed mainly in the mile, but would be thrown into the 2 mile or 800 every once in a while.  After high school I ran at the University of New Hampshire for 2 years.  To keep myself motivated, you c can find me in the way back of the pack at local races, it’s tough getting old….

What’s your favorite running moment/memory?:
My favorite running related memory was the first time that I broke 5 minutes in the mile during high school.  It had been a huge goal of mine since I started running track, and it made all those long training runs worth it!

What about Ragnar are you most looking forward to?:
I’m looking forward to having a great time with a great group of people, and if I am lucky, I hope one of my legs will be late in the night or early morning, I love prospect of running all alone in the dark!

What are you absolutely dreading?:
I was worried that I would have a difficult time staying loose after running one of my legs, but since we are being transported in stretch hummer limousines, I don’t think I will have a problem.  Oh, wait, we aren’t using limousines?  I’m dreading trying to stay loose after im finished running!

Any words of wisdom to people considering a relay?:
This will be my first relay race, so needless to say I am quite excited.  The only real words of wisdom I can give are, just get out there and log the mileage, and mix in two runs a day every once in a while to get your body ready for the shock that the race will bring.

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