Ragnar Relay Cape Cod

One of the best parts about my job is that I get to participate in some really fun and unique events with great people.  The weekend of May 11th was no exception as I took on my sixth overnight relay race in the last three years as a member of team City Sports.

On Friday, May 11th we set out to take on the Ragnar Relay race in Cape Cod.  There were a total of 10 City Sports employees and two gifted relay-veterans from adidas.  This overnight running relay took us through some of the most scenic spots in the Northeast as we ran 180-ish miles from Plymouth to Provincetown.  We were powered by some sweet adidas running gear and delicious PROBARS.

Our team (#271) consisted of 6 men, 6 women and two amazing drivers (special thanks to Jamie and Brandi).  We started in Miles Standish State Forest with some high-fives, a little bit of power food and a very competitive pre-race dance off.  We coasted through our first legs in comfortably cool weather while listening to a great collection of #backinthedaybuffet tunes.  Shortly after fueling up at the British Beer Company, though, the temperatures took a nosedive as we prepared for our second series of legs.

For almost every runner, the second leg will occur at night.  There are few things like running in the eerily quiet dark with nothing but a headlamp and your paranoid thoughts.  Strange sounds come from out of nowhere while you cut through mysterious trails and back roads.  It’s possible, even likely, to run a few miles without seeing a sign or other runners.  Often feared by many prior to and even during the run, the second leg quickly turns into a favorite amongst Ragnarians because of the unique experience and thrill.  It never gets old!

The third leg, however, has a real love-hate relationship with runners.  Overtired and sore from already running two separate times and squeezing in just a little bit of sleep, the third leg will either be your best or your worst.  The grumpiness quickly subsides after the leg is over, however, with the finish line very much in sight.

We finished the relay race in just under 24 hours, which was good for 11th in our division and 36th overall (366 total teams). Everyone had a great time and we can’t wait for the next opportunity.

Congratulations to my fellow runners: Doug Smiley, Lauren Blanda, Kristy McLean, Brittany Shellington, Andrew Daley, Kathryn Howard, Megan Dutch, Raf Martinez, Mike Lasky, Alex Eld and Lynn Graham.

Special thanks to everyone at adidas, PROBAR, Are We There Yet Transportation, Brandi Fitzgerald, Jamie Owen and the entire Ragnar Relay crew.

Photo Credit: Brandi Fitzgerald, Fusion Arts & Photography

Ben Eld

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