Philly TriRock -10 Tips For Your Best Race!

I was one of 1500 athletes to participate in Philly’s inaugural triathlon in 2004. In 2014, when the Philly Tri (now officially a TriRock event) celebrated its 10th anniversary, I was given Cindy Brown: Elite Athleterecognition by TriRock and local media as one of a few athletes to complete this race all 10 years.

This race has become highly regarded in our city and this Saturday and Sunday marks the 11th year in beautiful Fairmount Park (6/26-6/28). If this is your first year jumping into the Schuylkill River, read on!

Here are 10 race day tips:

  1. You belong there.

You’ll see quite a few impressive looking pros at this race.  Stay in your head. Focus on your own personal goals. Work your personal hardest.

  1. Body mark yourself.

Avoid body marking lines at the race start. The Athletes Guide indicates where your race number and age should go.  One less thing to worry about at the race start!

  1. Muscle Relief.

If you normally take anti-inflammatory (Advil) on race days, take a few the night before to reduce/eliminate post-race muscle soreness.

  1. Transition area.

Having a balloon or bright object displayed helps to find your place on the rack quickly. Bikes and gear are lined up super close and it can be difficult without something easy to see.

    5. Swim.

Jump into the river before the race starts to calm your nerves. Acclimate your breathing, warm up you arms, splash & flip around; this can help you relax before the race starts.Elite Athlete: Cindy Brown

    6. Swim Course.

Downstream, in the shape of an upside down J. Try to save as much energy as possible for the upstream twist and turn of the J jug handle that leads to the swim finish. This can be a brutal turn for exhausted arms. Buoys stay to the RIGHT!

  1. Bike.

A 2 loop course. Pay close attention to volunteers as they point to the second loop and finishers’ dismount lanes. This comes up fast and close at the bottom of Black Road.

  1. Bike Course.

Watch for deep, sunken sewage covers and pot holes on Kelly Drive. And for glass debris up and around Chemounix Drive. They’re not fun to hit!

  1. Run.

It’s HOT asphalt. Hydrate on the bike. Carry your own preferred race aides; GU, Shot Blocks, in case you’re unfamiliar with the aides used on the course. You know how your stomach will respond to your brand. Having a happy tummy is everything on race day.

  1. Pre & Post Race:

    – (Pre-Race) Cross train with CoreFitness, Boot Camp, and Athletic Yoga to strengthen muscles and prevent injury.
    – Gear: City Sports. Friendly, helpful knowledgeable staff, many of whom are athletes themselves.
    – Post-Race: Celebrate! Urban Saloon City Tap House Logan Square Good, casual, local bars close enough to go straight from race finish.

These are community driven businesses, passionate about Philadelphia. I highly recommend them!

One stroke, one mile, one step… you can do it. Good luck!

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