You’ll Love It: Performance Light Tee

As a runner, I find the winter months to be somewhat of a drag.  And as much as I like to hit up the gym for some cross-training, I’ve always found running on a treadmill to be dreadfully boring.  So, in order to maintain my weekly mileage, I have to cope with whatever Mother Nature has planned.  More often than not that includes snow fall, icy roads, brisk wind and minimal sunlight.  By the time I finish layering up for the run, my motivation has already started to dwindle.  And by mid-February, my relationship with running has become almost toxic.

And then suddenly, as if overnight, the days are longer, the temperatures are warmer and the roads are cleared for takeoff!  I have a new found love for running once again!  With a smile from ear-to-ear and a fully charged iPod, I head straight to my closet to prepare for a run in the sun.  And then it hits me, I have nothing to wear except for quarter-zips and long sleeves.

I stopped by the City Sports in Boston, MA to pick up some running tees and decided to check out our new apparel line.  It didn’t take long for me to find the CS by City Sports Performance Light Tee.  The striking blue color and contrast stitching caught my eye and when I picked it up off the rack I was taken aback by how lightweight it was.  Once I took a glance at the price tag and saw that it was a mere $25.00, I was sold.

This shirt didn’t disappoint during my first run.  The flat-lock seams and a tag-less label provided a great next-to-skin feel and the moisture wicking fabric kept me cool and dry throughout my morning 5 mile jaunt.  I had the same experience in subsequent runs wearing this shirt which means it holds up well wash after wash.

If you are looking to gear up for spring running, I highly recommend adding CS by City Sports Performance Light Tee to your running wardrobe.

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