New York City Marathon: Course Map + Tips

The pinnacle of the fall marathon season is here: the New York City Marathon!

On Sunday, November 1, 50,000 runners will line up on Staten Island to start their race. The 26.2 mile journey will pass through each of New York City’s five boroughs. Non-New Yorkers can rejoice: this will be the one time you don’t get lost in the Big Apple.

Facts to Help You Plan Your Race Strategy

  • You’ll cross five bridges – the Verrazano-Narrows (it will be breezy), the Pulaski (halfway mark!), the Queensboro (mile 16), the Willis Avenue (welcome to the Bronx!), and the Madison Avenue bridge (built in 1884).
  • There are 50 subway stops on the map. Which means 50 times your friends can cheer you on.
  • The cheering crowds on 1st Ave (mile 16-19) will help you forget the pain in your legs.
  • This course saves the hard right turns for the last mile. Don’t worry, you will see the finish line eventually!

NYC Marathon Course Map

Do’s and Don’ts

Whether this is your first marathon or your 15th, remember that the New York City Marathon is it’s own kind of beast. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you wrangle the race.

  • DO wear a race day outfit that’s tried and true. This is NOT the time to wear that super cool pair of shorts you picked up at the expo.
  • DON’T forget Daylight Savings Time ends at 2am on Race Day! Set your clock back the night before and consider two alarms for the morning. No one wants to miss that ferry or bus to the start!
  • DO travel with your race day nutrition. Save yourself the hassle of tracking down your favorite gel or sports gummies the day before the race. (But if you do forget, our New York City stores can help!)
  • DON’T let your nerves get the better of you. Look back over your training logs and remember all your long runs. Think of a few words, a mantra, to tell yourself if the going gets tough.
  • DO set aside throwaway clothes for the hours you’ll spend on Staten Island on race day morning. Sweatpants, an ugly race shirt, gloves, and a hat go a long way.

And lastly, do treat yourself to some cool marathon swag. Some people like to wait until after they run the race, others get their gear as soon as they can. There’s a great collection of NYC Marathon styles to be found at City Sports stores and online!

Ready, Set, Have the Race of Your Life!

The New York City Marathon is a race you won’t forget. You earned your spot on that starting line – enjoy it! We’ll be there cheering you on…maybe with a clever sign like this:

Funny NYC Marathon sign

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