MY FIRST 5K – Renée

What was running your first race like? How did it feel to cross the finish line and know the satisfaction of accomplishing a goal? In 3 weeks I will be able to answer those questions on my own.

On Saturday September 25th I will be running the Susan G. Komen 5K Race for the Cure. This is something very new and exciting for me having always lived an active lifestyle but never considering myself a “runner”.  Even though my history with running has been very slim I am determined to make it part of my life.

I’ll be doing a combination of long distance, speed intervals and strength training.  My first real run didn’t go as planned as my detail-oriented personality got the best of me. Am I running correctly? Am I breathing the right way? Is it better to run with or without music? Why can’t I just let my mind go? How much farther do I still have?

So far, my most successful run resulted in a 10 minute mile. That being said, I am committed to doing whatever it takes to finish this race in hopefully 30-35 minutes.  I am running this race for me and no one else.  Equipped with my ASICS GT 2150 (which I absolutely love) and my Timex watch I will be hitting the pavement one step at a time!

Wish me luck!

Renée Serfes | CITY SPORTS

Associate Planner

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