Introducing the GEL-Lyte33: Interview with ASICS Brice Newton

Lower, Lighter, Faster. With new Featherweight ASICS Speed Technology (F.A.S.T.) the ASICS GEL-Lyte33 brings new meaning to the ASICS 33 Collection. This exciting addition is not only the lightest model (7.8 oz. men’s) but also the most flexible. To learn more about this exciting launch, we caught up with Brice Newton (ASICS Senior Product Manager of Running Footwear).

Q.  The ASICS 33 Collection launched a few seasons ago and has expanded rapidly.  Can you speak to the concept behind the 33 Collection and what differentiates from existing ASICS running styles?

A.  “When developing the ASICS 33 Collection, it was essential that the construction would encourage the 33 joints of the foot to move and bend in a less structured environment.  Our goal was to strike the perfect balance between lightweight, flexible performance and the responsive durability necessary to stand up to the real-world demands of high-mileage training.  Here at ASICS, we encourage runners to train on a variety of different terrains and in a variety of different footwear types.  This will help them decrease their risk of injury (especially in the lower limbs) and develop into healthier, stronger, happier runners.  The excitement surrounding the lightweight category has positively influenced runners by introducing athletes to new footwear options and, in-turn, discover the benefits that variety can provide.  The beauty of the ASICS 33 Collection is that runners can feel confident taking the 33 Collection straight out of the box and begin running their usual mileage with absolutely no transition period required.  This allows runners to safely and immediately enjoy the benefits of variety and do so without fear of injury.

Q.  The ASICS 33 Collection features styles that use a different heel-toe offset than other ASICS running styles; can you speak to the effect in terms of form and biomechanics, and the benefit to the Runner?

A.  “By lowering the heel-toe offset we are able to significantly reduce weight in the shoe.  In turn, lighter weight shoes enable faster running and the benefit of increased running economy.

Q.  What’s been the reception by runners to the ASICS 33 Collection, and has it had a crossover effect into how you approach the rest of ASICS’ running line?

A.  “Reception has been great!  The ASICS 33 Collection has been honored by many awards, including Runner’s World Best Buy award for the GEL-Blur33.  Most importantly, runners have been raving with positive feedback.  From the moment they first try them on to the hundreds of miles they enjoy thereafter, the response has been overwhelming.  This has positively influenced the way we approach the rest of our line, implementing new seamless constructions and lightweight innovation across all categories.”
Q.  The GEL-Lyte33 is the newest addition to the ASICS 33 Collection.  Can you explain the concept behind the GEL-Lyte33 and what type of runner it is best suited for?

A.  “What sets the GEL-Lyte33 apart from other models in the ASICS 33 Collection is that it was designed and developed specifically for fast-paced running.  While other models in the collection are also lightweight and flexible, the GEL-Lyte33 really encourages runners to pick up the pace with its lower to the ground feel and more responsive ride.
Q.  What are some of the key technologies in the GEL-Lyte33, and what benefits do they provide to the runner?

A.  “The GEL-Lyte33 will debut the new Featherweight ASICS Speed Technology (F.A.S.T.), designed to provide the feel of a racing flat with the top performance of an everyday trainer.  It was an absolute priority to maintain ASICS high standards for quality and performance, by taking a thoughtful approach towards building shoes with a key focus on reducing weight and not just stripping it down to bare essentials.  For example, when designing the new F.A.S.T. Heel, the traditional heel counter has been replaced by creatively utilizing the famous ASICS Tiger Stripes as a supportive unit to secure the heel while being extremely lightweight and comfortable.  True to ASICS’ performance standards, we also include premium materials and constructions, like Solyte Midsole, GEL Cushioning, and Guidance Line.”
Q.  With the GEL-Lyte33 just hitting the market and the ASICS 33 Collection gaining momentum, can you give us a sneak peak as to what to expect in the future?

A.  “ASICS will be introducing a very exciting new generation of the ASICS 33 Collection in 2013.  It will debut a new way to construct midsoles and outsoles, providing a more adaptive and responsive ride.”

The ASICS GEL-Lyte 33 is available at all City Sports store locations and online with Free Shipping.

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