Introducing the Brooks Green Silence

The vast majority of running industry vendors are making tremendous strides to become more environmentally conscious, and they’re all looking  to Brooks Running as the benchmark in this realm.  After all, this is a company that has a designer (Derek Campbell) with the title ‘future concepts manager’ and whose most recognized sponsored athlete (Scott Jurek) is also the most recognized vegan athlete out there.   With that type of pedigree, it should come as no surprise that Brooks is the first to deliver a game-changer like the Green Silence, in which each and every part of the shoe has a sustainable element.

From the HPR (‘High Performance Rubber’) Green outsole made of sand instead of petroleum to the midsole (BioMoGo, the world’s first biodegradable midsole)  to the upper (recycled laces, water-based adhesives, non-toxic dyes for color), the Green Silence is truly….well, green. It’s essentially the Circus Maximus of all Brooks’ painstaking efforts over the years to reduce waste, use less energy, and have a lessened environmental impact all wrapped up in one ultra-fast ride.

However, don’t let the Green Silence eco-friendly profile fool you:  this shoe is all about making enemies with your closest competition at the next road race.  With an ultra-low profile and glove-like fit, the Green Silence has a get up-and-go feel to it the moment you slide it on.  And at a svelte 6.9oz for a men’s 9, the Green Silence provides an amazing cushioning-weight ratio.

Everyone likes to feel good when they’re running.  With the Brooks Green Silence, we can now also feel good about what we’re running in.

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