Indoor Workouts!

During the winter can be the most difficult time to find the motivation to leave your house and head to the gym. Don’t use that as an excuse to not work out! Here are some indoor exercises to help fight the winter blues from Web MD.

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  • Warm up. Put on some music that makes you feel like moving, and dance around the living room.
  • Walk up and down the steps.
  • Do dumbbell curls and presses (if you don’t have weights, use full water bottles).
  • Do assisted squats, keeping your back on a fitness ball against the wall or using the back of the couch for support.
  • Shadow box. Khan uses this simple combination: Lift and lower the left leg; jab with the right arm, then the left; then lift and lower the right leg.
  • Fence (you don’t even need swords). Pretend you’re holding a sword in each hand. Create an X pattern standing still, then moving forward and back.
  • Hop on your exercise bike or treadmill — or, for something different, use a weighted hula hoop. If you don’t have any of those, just go back to dancing.
  • Do abdominal crunches (hold a weighted ball for added resistance).
  • Cool down with James Brown’s “I Feel Good” — or whatever tune makes youfeel good.

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