Midseason Slump? CoachUp to the Rescue!

You started this season with big goals.

Place top three. Be your team’s top scorer. Lead in rushing yards.

Improve with CoachUp private coaching

Not quite on track towards hitting those goals? Private coaching can help. CoachUp, an online platform and app that connects athletes to private coaches, makes it easy to hone that extra technique, that extra speed, that extra confidence you need to reach your goals.

Change the Trajectory

CoachUp believes that private coaching is the secret to reaching the next level in sports and life. Each and every one of their private coaches wants to see you succeed. You don’t even have to open the app to see how they can help. Check out their training guides for soccer, football, and cross country below. Whether you’re bound for the championship game or struggling with your race strategy, these training guides are packed with tips and tactics to start practicing on your own.


Private soccer coaching with CoachUp

Work on the four S’s with this soccer-focused training guide: speed, strength, stamina, and skill training.


Football private coaching with CoachUp

Unlock the agility, strength and speed you need to dominate your position or get tips for being better rounded player on the field. The CoachUp football training guide has you covered.

Cross Country


Build the speed, stamina, strength and flexibility you need to sustain and progress your cross country season. Any runner, young or old, will benefit from the cross country training guide.

Improve Your Game, Improve You

City Sports is proud to partner with CoachUp. How could we not get behind a company laser-focused on helping athletes succeed? As a company of athletes ourselves, we love these training guides for that exact reason. Come into any of our stores to tell us about how CoachUp helped you! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up some soccer cleats or pair of running shoes for next season.

Because you’ve got big goals.

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