5 Top Training Tips from Philly’s Optimum Fit

Training tips with Osayi Osunde of Optimum Fit

Want to increase your fitness but don’t know where to start? We have the tips for you.

We tapped Osayi Osunde, one of our elite athletes and co-founder of Optimum Fit, for his expert insight. Every weekday morning in Philadelphia you’ll find this former Villanova football player running Fit Academy’s awesome group fitness classes. He’s helped countless people of all abilities reach their next level of fitness. And he can help you too.

What’s the first piece of advice you give new clients?

Starting any new fitness program is always challenging. That is the same with Fit Academy. The structure itself makes it hard and challenging for everyone, but don’t be afraid. Go at your own pace and if needed we provide modifications so you can get your best personal workout no matter what! Stay the course and the results are guaranteed.

How do you keep clients motivated after the initial thrill of a new training plan has waned?

The best part about Fit Academy is that the workouts are always different and engaging. Moreover, clients’ motivations will change with their progress. At Fit Academy we administer testing so clients can benchmark their progress month over month and take steps to surpassing those benchmarks. I’ve had clients who couldn’t do five pushups when they first started with me. Now they’re demolishing 50 in a row.

Why do you love group workouts?

Group Fitness brings out in us the best from a performance standpoint as well as from a camaraderie standpoint. It’s all about community. I’m big on positivity and it infects the whole group when we all see each other progressing and enjoying themselves. We’re here to have fun
and get more fit together. It becomes your family. You don’t want to miss a workout when it means you’ll miss seeing your friends.

What’s the #1 bad habit any athlete, novice or experienced, should avoid?

Saying, “I can’t.” You can and you always have to try. Most of Fit Academy workouts just use body weight and resistance bands. So if you can run, jog, walk, or even roll, you can do the exercises. And there’s nothing wrong with failure. Everyone fails at something but it’s with the
perseverance and practice that the client will see progress.

What are the top 3 essentials you recommend for an outdoor workout?

  • A quality cross training shoe. Find a pair with a strong rubber tread and ankle support. Nike is my personal favorite.
  • The right shorts. This pair by CS by City Sports has a drawstring and breathable fabric that has never let me down. I frequently wear compression shorts too – helps keep everything in place while tackling burpees.
  • Sunglasses with UV protection. Protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous rays, even in the morning. No one loves being blinded either. Smith makes great looking shades that stay on your face at all times.
  • Now Get Going!

    Osayi knows you’ve got a new definition of fitness in you. You know it too. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for something new today! Don’t have all the gear? A City Sports near you can help!

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