4 Fit Facts for Fat Burning!

My name is Steve Hoffman (aka Hoff-Fit), and in the 7+ years of experience, over 10,000 personal training sessions, numerous certifications and fitness seminars, I have learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work in terms of fitness and health. Learn the top 4 things that you can do, RIGHT NOW, in order to help burn more fat and ensure a healthier and leaner physique.

1. Increase Protein Intake

The number one problem that I see with my clients and fitness enthusiasts, whether it be male or female, young or old, fit or sedentary is that most people are not getting nearly enough protein in their diet. Make sure your daily protein intake is at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.  Keeping your protein intake on the higher side can help with lean muscle building, speeding up your metabolism, satiety (feeling full), weight management and performance (Berardi 162). If protein is increased along with an intense workout regimen the body will be properly fueled to burn fat while sparing the hard earned muscle, which leads to a leaner physique.  Supplement your diet with various LEAN sources such as whey protein, chicken, turkey, 99% ground beef, tuna, swordfish, salmon and other fish.







2. Make Fat Your Friend

Add “good fats” to your daily diet regimen. These include MCT Oil, which are medium chain triglycerides (fatty acids) derived from coconut oil. Taking 1 tablespoon a day, preferably in the morning with coffee, has been shown to provide tons of energy and helps with burning fat.  Even better, when on a ketogenic (or very low carbohydrate diet) the body utilizes MCT Oil just like a carbohydrate (provides energy) but without the possible fat storage because the fat is so quickly metabolized. For more info on MCT oil check out this article http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/issa23.htm. Great websites to buy it on are www.Onnit.com or www.vitaminshoppe.com  Other good fats to include in your diet are pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, avocados, coconut oil, fish oil and flax seed.






3. Workout Your Legs

Too many clients and casual gym members that I have interacted with over the years say to me “I work my legs….I run”. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Yes your legs are taxed and placed under high levels of endurance training while running, but the best result involves a combination with resistance training for the legs. Squats, deadlifts, front squats, sumo deadlifts, kettlebell swings, lunges and so on so forth. The options are endless when it comes to leg training. The kings of the leg-training world are the squat and the deadlift. Squats and deadlifts require a great amount of intramuscular coordination, which involves multiple muscles working together to create tension and movement (Defranco 204). The musculature around the spine and lower back, latisimus-dorsi, hip extensors, glutes, biceps, forearms, calves are just some of the numerous muscles involved. The more muscles that are used, the more calories will be burned along with a greater thermogenic effect on the body. Simply put, doing barbell or dumbbell leg exercises will help you get stronger, leaner and more fit. Come train with me or find a trainer that can teach you proper deadlift and squat form, and you too can reap the many benefits of leg training.

Steve Hoffman






4. Kick up the Intensity

Spending anywhere from 60-80 hours a week in a gym, whether it be training clients, working out or just having cooler talk with gym members, has me constantly observing other people’s workout routines and exercise habits. One of the most common things I observe, that is causing people to not reach their fitness goals of having a lean shredded physique, is the lack of intensity while at the gym. I’m not saying you need to be a screaming maniac sweating profusely all over the place while doing 20,000 burpees and 7,000 box jumps to absolute failure every time you’re in the gym.  I’m simply saying, when you come to the gym, come to the gym to workout. Perform exercises in circuits (multiple exercise performed one after the other with no rest), supersets (2 exercises completed immediately one after the other) or complex format (using one piece of exercise equipment with one weight for multiple exercises non-stop). The idea is to do a great amount of work in the 45mins/1 hour that you commit each day to gym time. Make the most of it, and work hard and efficiently. Also keeping rest times minimal between sets or circuits is another way to ramp up the intensity. An example of an intense fat burning workout is this:

5 Rounds

45 second rest between rounds

  1. Burpees x 10,12,12,15,15
  2. Pullups x 5,6,7,8,10
  3. Broad Jumps x 10,12,12,15,15
  4. Med Ball Slams x 15,17,17,20,20
  5. Row/Ergometer 250 Meters at Max Effort

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