29 things we love about Ragnar Relay PA

When I joined the eleven other City Sports athletes competing in a Ragnar Relay, I knew I was in for an adventure. We twelve (and our two gracious drivers) would split up 202 miles of Pennsylvania road. Together we’d race 105 other teams through Lancaster and into Mt. Pocono. Of adventure there would be no shortage– but, in me at least, this inspired mixed feelings.

If I had known what a fun, spontaneous, gratifying experience I was in for, I wouldn’t have worried.

Because it is so difficult to recap the Ragnar experience in our normal blog format, we decided to share the 29 (our team number) things we love about Ragnar Relay Pennsylvania…

    1. The medal: “This is definitely a medal worthy of a viking– it comes with a functional bottle opener! Though your recovery drink probably shouldn’t require it.” –Tim
    2. Van 1’s exchange point drama
    3. Van 2’s unlikely theme song
    4. The long, brutal hills
    5. Clare’s British Accent – “I made Clare read us the Ragnar Handbook.  She makes everything sound so magical!” – Chris
    6. Flat ground after the long, brutal hills
    7. Intense Safety training
    8. Watching YouTube clips“Leprechaun findings and gnarly surfer dudes kept spirits high, even when running at 2AM.” – Carla
    9. The guy who crossed the finish line in a gorilla suit
    10. Playlists:  “What we needed to get through the night runs… The Killers, Rihanna and Daft Punk not excluded.” – Chris
    11. Sweet HiViz (high-visibility) gear
    12. Exchange 25: “I completed my final leg of the race in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The volunteers at Exchange 25 had a spread of homemade food and a bonfire waiting. BEST EXCHANGE, EVER!” – Alecia
    13. Inside Jokes: “Nutella what?” – Jamie
    14. Temp-tattoos: “Always a good thing.” – Ben
    15. Painting the vans
    16. Looking back.
    17. The Ragnar Relay Staff and Volunteers:  “You showed amazing dedication and organization.  Thanks for everything!” – Team City Sports
    18. 15-Passenger Vans:  “We normally go with 7-passenger vans.  Needless to say, the extra leg space was much appreciated.” – Ben
    19. Van Smell: “Pretty much nothing you can do with 12 runners topping 200 miles.” – Alex
    20. Unicorn Headlamp Fights: “Sleep deprivation expresses itself in random acts of awesome.” – Alecia
    21. Running in the Dark:  “I’ve never run in real darkness before. Ragnar takes you on country roads, in the darkness, where you can’t see past your headlamp. Just floating along in the void like that is a very zen experience.”–Tim
    22. Running through Lancaster, PA
    23. The City Sports t-shirt making an appearance
    24. The pre-race dance-off: “Brandi taught everyone a thing or two…” – Margot
    25. The support: “I ran this entire event on an injured Iliotibial band. Finishing would have been impossible if I didn’t have such constant support from my City Sports teammates.”–Tim
    26. The seemingly endless quotes from favorite movies and TV shows:  “Quotes from ‘The Office’ were in high-demand this time around.” – Kelly
    27. In-depth discussions about the latest running shoes with other teams
    28. Learning about “Ragnar
    29. Finishing and quickly making plans for our next race:  “Ragnar Florida Keys looks tempting!” – Doug

Feeling Ragnarly yet?  Click here to learn more about the relay and find a race near you!

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