2011 Philadelphia Marathon Recap

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Out of the 20,000 runners gathered in Philadelphia last Sunday, there probably wasn’t one who didn’t feel pressure. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the elite corral. For many of them, the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon represented their last chance to qualify for the Olympic team trials.

They had good reason to pin their hopes on this course. It’s here that the US records for the half marathon—both men’s and women’s—were shattered last month.

And though Sunday wasn’t quite so historic, plenty of runners did qualify for the Olympic trials. Mariska Kramer not only qualified but set a women’s course record at 2:35:46 (she beat the previous record by more than two minutes).

Alex! Alex! Alex!

Also in attendance were two of City Sports’ own employees. Rick Clendaniel blazed through the half-marathon, finishing in 36th place with 1:13:31. Alex Eld represented us in the marathon, finishing in 3:37:56.

We’re also proud of the many people who joined us for our pre-marathon training run. Hopefully you were as tough on race day as during our stormy workout. If you were, there should have been some awesome performances.

Philly Marathon + Philly Cheesesteak = Happy Runners


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