Ragnar Relay Runner Profile: Samantha Ben-Simon

City Sports and Saucony are about to embark on the epic adventure that is Ragnar Relay New England. This daring team of runners from across the country that will take on the 200 Miles of rolling hills. Those 24 hours will put us face-to-face with a great challenge, one that we will meet head-on with our greatest, and most secret, weapons. This runner profile provides an inside look at Relay Runner and Saucony employee Samantha Ben-Simon.

Samantha Ben-Simon

Sammy, SBS

What do you do for work?:
I’m the New England Shadow Rep at Saucony and also lead the Northeast Shadow team.

What’s your running experience and have you ever done a relay before?:
I used to loathe distance running, but did a 180 after college when I started working at City Sports.  You could say I was adopted by the family that is City Sports Boston Run Club.  Since then, I’ve run a slew of races from 5Ks to half marathons, and am psyched to take on my third relay with Ragnar New England 2011.

What’s your favorite running moment/memory?:
Crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon…when I ran the BAA 5K last year.  I ran with my sister and brother-in-law and it was a great experience to do that together.  That, or the time I tried to race my dog down a steep hill on the trails and took a digger into a pile of dirt and leaves.  I never said I was a graceful runner…

What about Ragnar are you most looking forward to?:
Cruising the course in my Saucony-mobile.  Keep your eyes peeled for glamour shots of Deedee Trotter and a shirtless mountain man as we drive by you…

What are you absolutely dreading?:
Any uphill battles in the dark of the night… I hate not seeing the end of a hill.

Any words of wisdom to people considering a relay?:
Any words of wisdom to people considering a relay?: Make sure to carry some packets of honey with you at all times… bears don’t like CLIF Shot Blocks.

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