Soaring Temps, Training Tips and Water Breaks

Despite the soaring temperatures and unbearable humidity, 15 runners showed up to 480 Boylston Street on Tuesday night for Run Club.  This week we took a hiatus from our typical routine and embarked on a City Sports Run Club Boot Camp adventure.  After a modest 2-mile warm-up we met up with Healthworks trainer Regan for some training exercises along the banks of the Charles River.

Everyone played it smart and let their body guide the workout as temperatures remained around 90 degrees late into the evening.  Water breaks were enjoyed as we completed 2 rounds of a circuit workout that included jumping rope, push-ups, burpees and jump luonges.  Everyone got in a great wrkout and capped the night with a cool down jog back to the store for water, Mix1 and Gu Chomps.  Join us next week as we welcome Regan back onto the scene for another round of conditioning.


Alecia Dayger | CITY SPORTS
Coordinator, Product and Customer Service

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