Saucony sponsored Boston Run Club – WK 2

For our second week of partnership with Saucony we were happy to welcome back Northeast Shadow Lead, Samantha Ben-Simon. For the second straight week she helped us bring in over 30 runners ready to battle the ruthless heat and unforgiving sun. Wear testing was available for the Guide, Mirage, Kinvara and Hattori to satisfy all styles of runners.

As we made our way out of the cool, comfortable store, we were struck by a wave of heat and humidity that quickly dictated the pace for the day. We divided into 3 groups to tackle 3-mile, 4-mile & 5-mile routes. We stuck as packs in search of shade and water fountains to cool down and stay hydrated.

All runners were able to record another tally to their special edition co-branded punch card, improving their chances to win a prize at the final raffle being held in 2 weeks time. Sam upped the ante by announcing that runners who bring a friend or wear Saucony footwear and apparel will earn EXTRA punches next week!  We were also joined by Kathleen, from Mix 1 who supplied everyone with great post run nutrition to replenish important nutrients after a grueling run. After a well earned recovery, we walked down to Rattlesnake to grab an ice cold beverage, courtesy of Saucony. It was the perfect ending to a Boston summer night!

Thanks to all the runners that came out and we hope you can join us again next week!

-Alex and Alecia

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