Betty’s Boston Marathon Recap

On Monday, April 18th I finished the 115th Annual Boston Marathon.  I am happy to say that I didn’t fall, twist my ankle or experience any crazy incidents along the way (whew) and thoroughly enjoyed the near-perfect weather.

My goal going into the race was to run 3:35.  I was on pace until about Cleveland Circle (Mile 23) when my quads tightened up.  I can’t really remember what happened on Beacon Street, but I know I woke up around Washington Square to find my friend Alecia and then woke up again by my apartment to see my cousin.  I couldn’t bend my knee at a few points along Beacon Street.  I saw friends around Mass Ave, but really had no strength to give them a proper wave or shout out.  Sorry guys!

Jan, my run club buddy, ran the last 9 miles with me and was awesome for putting up with me when I was not at my best.  When you’re not an elite runner, it’s great to have a friend pace you the last few miles and get you water so you don’t have to push other runners out of the way at each station, which can feel like a zoo!

Overall, I’m happy with my time even though it was a few minutes shy of my goal.  Jack Fultz, 1976 Boston Marathon winner, told me that I have to add speed work to my training if I wanted to run faster.  Jack is always right, but I just don’t have time!!  Next time, I will remember to ask Jack to be my assistant and plan out my weekly schedule to fit in track workouts.  =)

It was an awesome weekend with tons of time spent at the expo, watching the BAA 5K, meeting Ryan Hall, and having my family back on the course cheering me on.  A big shout out to all of my friends and everyone else who ran the race this year!

See you at run club!



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