Baltimore Run Club May 18th – adidas

16 total runners enjoyed a beautiful sunny evening, temperature in the low 70’s with little wind.  Humidity was high due to the rain during the day, but the clouds parted and we were able to enjoy the few hours of pleasant clear skies.  There were 3, 4 and 5 mile options for running loops.  As a group we ran to Federal Hill, up to the top of the hill for team pictures.  From there the group split, some heading back to City Sports, other carrying on for the full 5 mile course.   We all regrouped at the store at around 7:30pm

Spirits were high from the miraculous weather for the run, the team was excited to have creative and fun pictures taken to represent Baltimore, and the Dan from Adidas was a great motivator with sports trivia and incentives to rally the crowd.  Two of the runners this week tried on the women’s Adidas Supernova Glide.  Both had positive feedback saying they liked the shoe and the cushioning was superb!



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