Introducing the Vibram FiveFingers Seeya & Spyridon

Vibram has been a trusted leader in performance and innovation since 1935 when their founder, Vitale Bramani, invented the first rubber sole for hiking. 70 years later Vibram introduced the next generation of innovative performance soles, Vibram FiveFingers.

These unmistakable shoes have exploded in popularity back in 2006 and have been going strong ever since.  For an inside look at their latest models, we caught up with PJ Antonik, Media Relations and Communications Associate for Vibram FiveFingers.

Q:  The Seeya & Spyridon LS are two very unique new styles from VFF; can you talk some about each?  

A: The Seeya is our lightest most minimal shoe to date weighing in at around 4.8oz on the men’s shoe and 3.8oz for the women’s.  This shoe is meant to be a race day flat or a speed workout shoe.  Intended for the true minimalist runner, this shoe is very thin, very lightweight and extremely breathable.  We do not recommend using this as an everyday trainer but rather a race shoe since it is so thin.  This shoe is going to give remarkable ground feel due to its lightweight nature but with the thin sole will come quicker wear if used for every day training.

The Spyridon LS is our first dedicated trail running shoe.  It utilizes our 3D Cocoon technology in the sole along with a aggressive 360 degree lug pattern.  This technology is made of a nylon mesh baked into the sole to create a lightweight flexible plating protection.  This is a direct result of our expertise in military soling.  We developed this technology to make combat boots lighter and flexible while giving great protection to soldiers.  This mesh reduces impact without the use of metal plates or EVA foams.  The upper is made of a tough canvas like fabric and a speed lace system for ease of entry.  This shoe is really meant to be for the aggressive minimalist trail runner.  

When in use the Spyridon LS will give great protection and excellent traction due to the aggressive lug pattern.  The best part about it is that you will still feel a great deal under your foot, staying true to the FiveFingers ability to let you feel the earth beneath you.

 Q:  The concept of ‘natural’ or ‘minimalist’ running has been evolving rapidly over the last few years; where do you think Vibram’s product offerings stand in the current climate and what is down the road? 

A: Back in 2005 I do not think anyone expected the minimalist movement to explode like it has.  We feel grateful to be a big part of this category and feel we have done a good job staying ahead of the curve with innovative products.  Even with a lot of competition entering the market we focus on listening to our consumer and developing new styles that cater to their experiences.  We are also excited about continuing to build our relationships with New Balance and Merrell to develop minimalist options with exclusive Vibram soles.


Q:  What’s next on the drawing board product-wise for Vibram FiveFingers?

A:  I can say about future models is that we are continuing to answer consumer demand…  Stay tuned!

The Vibram FiveFingers Seeya and Spyridon LS are available for pre-order now.

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