Cindy Brown

City Sports Elite Athlete, Cindy Brown, PhiladelphiaName: Cindy Brown

Birthplace: Media, Pennsylvania

What area of fitness do you specialize in?
I’m one of 3 owners of CoreFitness. We’re best known for Boot Camp classes at the “Rocky” Art Museum stairs and unconventional Personal Training. I specialize in Playground Fitness, Athletic Yoga, Triathlon, Marathon and Obstacle race training. Primary focus: strength, flexibility and agility.

How did you get started in your given field?
My parents were athletes. My dad played AAA ball for Phillies, my mom was a nurse, and also played basketball and danced. They taught me and my sisters by example about the importance of exercise and diet. My earliest memories of my dad are of him doing hundreds of incline sit ups.

While working in the Finance industry I got hooked on fitness and personal training. My mostly male co-workers at Merrill Lynch participated in races and challenged me to ‘keep up.’ While racing and teaching fitness I realized what I was meant to be doing.

How do you keep motivated to stay fit?
I’m motivated by my clients, not settling, making my parents proud, fear of failure, and passion. My belief is that fitness and physical activity equates to overall happiness.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to improve upon their fitness routine?
Train anywhere and don’t restrict your workouts to a gym. Do something that makes you FEEL good while you’re actually doing it. Ask yourself first what you LIKE to do, and build a routine around that. You can swing from monkey bars and jump around a playground and still get a good workout.

Shift your focus from social media and magazines as to what an ideal body image is. Be your own ideal. Make a connection to what you’re doing and what it says about you – and why it makes you strong. Don’t look back at what someone else is doing; keep your vision forward and follow it. You can do anything at any age.

Why are you a fan of the City Sports Brand?
I like that I can shop for everything I need for fitness and races all in one place. This one-of-a-kind brand has everything from active wear and bikinis to recreational equipment (whiffle ball/kickball). With so many cool things to choose from, I feel like a kid when I shop there. City Sports Elite Athlete - Cindy Brown

Why did you want to become an Elite Athlete?
City Sports is a community conscious store. I’ve shopped there for years, and it’s my favorite store in Philadelphia. It has a vast selection of everything sports related, the most genuinely friendly and caring staff, all in a fun, stimulating atmosphere. The Elite Athlete program has the potential to create cohesiveness in the Philly fitness scene, making fitness more appealing and approachable to everyone. Building a sense of community centered around health and fitness would enrich our city. I’m honored to be selected to this program and have the opportunity to work with City Sports.

What is your favorite gear to work out in?

A City Sports cotton tee is the best! It’s iconic in Philly! A new pair of running shoes from City Sports. Great selection of shoes and good sale prices. CS by City Sports brand socks (no see) are very comfortable. CS by City Sports brand 3” shorts are great for triathlons.

Anything else we should know about you?

Learn more about me at:

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