Yoga on the Greenway

yogagreenway3June 27th, North End Greenway at 6pm. The top of the buildings were covered in fog and from the clouds came a mist that brought a serene feeling to this yoga session led by an instructor from Back Bay Yoga. 

Nearly 30 yogis ranging from beginner to advanced gathered on the Greenway to zone in on our zen. After laying out our mats we began with simple breathing exercises to let go of any stress or tension in our mind and body. Once the tension was released, we began the series of movements and positions ranging from plank, downward dog, warrior I and II, and beyond. Just as we started to feel comfortable with these traditional postures, the instructor added some excitement and origionality to the mix. We moved on to a blended warrior pose then triangle pose into a cartwheel landing on the other foot in triangle pose then back to Warrior. Those three movements were focused on core control and balance. (it wasn’t easy, but it was definitely fun!)

At the conclusion of this 60 min Yoga we were all saying Namaste to a great rest of the evening. Thanks Back Bay Yoga for sending over a great interactive instructor to really make this session outstanding!

yoga on greenway

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