World Cup Update and Predictions

Summer Solstice soon… at least here in the Northern Hemisphere

While there was talk prior to the World Cup about how it being winter in South Africa would affect the teams and game, especially those from Northern Europe and particularly England (after seeing Gary Linekar and the boys wilt in the Mexican sun in 1986), I don’t recall reading anything predicting the cold that we’ve seen so far.  Brazil looked miserable yesterday, and certainly the frigid conditions muffled the samba beats from the stands.  I’d have to say this gives countries who are familiar with the cold and/or teams with notable players whose clubs are in Germany, Russia, Scotland and other leagues that require an orange, hi-visibility ball during the season an edge.  It’s not the same playing in 30 and 40 degree temps compared to even 60’s and 70’s.

Predictions and Kit of the Day

  • Spain 2, Switzerland 0
  • South Africa 1, Uruguay 1

Kit of the Day – Uruguay’s light blue and black, with the repeated suns. Very sharp.

Uruguay 2010

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