We Are Officially Running again

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Dear Friends,
Yesterday, for the 121st time, the Boston Marathon unofficially heralded the return of Spring. Congratulations to all of you who ran!

The race is one of our favorite events of the year because of the inspiring stories each runner brings with him or her to the start line. No two people take the same path to Boylston Street and each story has its share of triumphs and challenges.

Like a marathon runner, City Sports has had its fair share of triumphs and challenges as well.

When we heard that the stores were closing after 32 outstanding years, we were as upset as you.

So, we decided to do something. We couldn’t let City Sports disappear on our watch.

In January of last year, we purchased the brand with a plan to refocus City Sports’ promise to outfit and support the vibrant fitness communities that have sprung up throughout the Northeast.

But now we need your input.

Your ideas and enthusiasm will define the new City Sports. During the weeks and months ahead, we will be restarting the social media accounts, creating useful content, sending out surveys and listening very closely to what you have to say.

City Sports Classic LogoWe are online for now, but new stores in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and DC are in the works.

Our focus on serving the urban athlete remains as strong as it was in 1983 when two friends opened a small store on Massachusetts Ave, not too far from the finish of yesterday’s race. We are excited to pick up the baton and build upon the rich tradition of City Sports, with you, in the years to come.

We’re excited to be running again.

Stay Active,

“The Brothers”
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