UrbanAdventours Ride Series Recap

Before I begin with the Urban Adventours Ride Series recap, congrats to the Boston Bruins for taking home the Stanley Cup!  Woo-hoo!

On our ride this week, we were lucky enough to check out the team outside of Tia’s with the cup before we set off for about a 16 mile ride.  Unlike last week, thunderstorms, the weather was perfect for an outside ride!  We were all excited to get out there, plus we had many newbies joining us this week.  The beginning of the ride, of course, was filled with traffic, but once we got outside of the city it was smooth sailing.  Because there were 10 of us riding, we practiced good communication skills with hand signals and shouting out if there was a really large pothole coming up (trust me those are not fun to ride into!).  

Towards the end of the ride, we raced down beacon street towards Citysports on Boylston where we refueled with some snacks and laughed at how we managed to get lost a few times.  Overall, a great day for a great ride.  Hope to see everyone return next week and more newbies are more than welcomed!

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