Three Reasons Why You Should Love Spin

As we move into fall, it’s time to start searching for an indoor workout routine for when you get bored of jogging on the treadmill. We all know how old that can get. If you aren’t a regular spinner already…you definitely should consider checking out a cycling club as a way to get your sweat on in your city! And when we say sweat, we mean SWEAT. There’s so many benefits to indoor cycling. And it makes getting in a fast, long ride, easy without having to deal with dodging the city traffic. Here are few reasons why we love Spin and you should too…

1. A Pick Me Up
Even when you may not have gotten enough sleep or are a little tired from yesterday’s training, there’s “no saying no” once you throw yourself in the class. With the loud music, encouraging instructor, and other passionate athletes, nothing can hold you back from giving it your absolute all. Especially after a long weekend, we love to jump-start the week with this fast, intense cardio workout to sweat it out and start the week fresh.

2. Get In Your Full Body Workout
Rather than having to do a cardio workout and follow it up with some weight training, spinning allows you to get the full-body burn you’re trying to achieve. After spin class, we love the feeling that we’ve gotten our strength conditioning in, and it’s now well deserved to head to our favorite spot for a rewarding, yet healthy, post-workout treat. Not saying that it should replace your weight training, but it definitely gives you an extra boost and is even better when the class incorporates weights or abdominal work.

3. Have Fun
I think we’re all super fans of fitness and training here… but can all agree some days it can be tough to enjoy our workouts. Particularly on your own. We’ve found when feeling like this, Spin has been a great way to get over that slump- especially when you’re surrounded by tons of fun, like-minded individuals. Here are lists of the top rated cycling classes in our popular metro areas that guarantee you will have a good time, while getting in that high-intensity, calorie-burning workout you’ve been thinking about all day. Plus, if you have never visited these clubs before, your first time is usually free!

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What are your favorite clubs and classes to get your cycling on? Share with us!

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