SWEAT defined


sweat or sweat·ed, sweat·ing
to excrete moisture in visible quantities through the openings of the sweat glands; perspire

With respect to its inherent nature, sweat is an ordinary one syllable word.  Often taken for granted as a basic trait shared amongst mammals, sweat is often dismissed as nothing more than a nuisance. An irritant that is time and again resolved with the harsh swipe of the back of a wrist.  While some make no secret for their disdain of sweat, it continues to serve its purpose, and the average drop is more meaningful than one may realize.

The primary goal of sweat is to act as thermoregulation.  The evaporation of sweat from the surface of skin cools the body down.  Hence, when your body gets hot, more sweat is produced.  This action is not only natural, it is a survival trait.  Without sweat the body can rapidly overheat, often times leading to severe dehydration and exhaustion.  Must be why the average person has roughly 3 million sweat glands.

Sweat can also be caused by a spike in emotion.  Nervousness can lead to sweaty palms while anxiety may cause your forehead to perspire.  It is said that sweating can release unhealthy toxins from the body and may boast components that act as pheromones.  The production of the salty liquid depends on many variables, amongst them: climate, gender and health.

Athletes have become very familiar with sweat, and while they may not be as annoyed by its presence as others, they too try to rid themselves of the liquid.  Sporting goods brands design special fabrics with the sole purpose of wicking sweat away from the moving body so it can work out more comfortably.  When athletes sweat, they drink bottles upon bottles of water and sports drinks to replenish their system.  The quicker the athlete can rehydrate the sooner they can return to exercise.  The more they exercise, the more sweat gets produced, and so on and so forth.

The process can be looked at as something one must bear to continue on their fitness journey.  Another option is to use the cycle, perfected over years of evolution, as a motivation tool.  No longer look at sweat as an irritation or the end of a workout, rather something you earn through hard work and perseverance.  Take comfort in the fact that sweat will come and go as necessary.  Proudly wear the tiny drops as a badge of honor as you run faster, stretch deeper and become stronger.

After all, like strength, sweat comes from within.

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