Ghana, Baby, Ghana

Ghana was simply the better team on Saturday.  From the goal line, where Kingson played a very strong and confident game to the attack line, where the Black Stars kept pushing and pushing, it was clear that the US lacked the goal scoring punch that is essential to moving ahead in the Finals.  Sure, Tim Howard shouldn’t have been beaten on the near post for the first goal, but let’s not make excuses.  The feeling I had afterward was eerily similar to what I felt watching the Celtics lose game 7.  It was one of an angry, disappointed calm – if that makes any sense.  I really wanted the US to win, I really believed they would (especially the way they came out in the second half) and yet when it was over, it was all too simple to understand why they lost.  They lacked the last bit to get it done.  I enjoyed watching Dempsey all tournament.  The confidence he’s gained since scoring the lone US goal in 2006 and playing for Fulham is obvious.  The same goes for Donovan, who parlayed a really solid loan to Everton into being a leader on the international stage.  Like Rajon Rondo, Jozy Altidore oozes with potential and I can’t wait to see him develop.  There’s no shame in the loss, just disappointment.  I was very impressed with Uruguay as well, and the way the South American teams are playing this tournament, it’s hard to see them advancing.

Sunday’s matches will be defined not by the impressive manner in which Germany and Argentina played, but by the amazingly poor calls made by the officials on Lampard’s shot for England and Tevez’s goal for Argentina.  There really is no reason not to embrace technology at this level of competition to ensure that the spirit of the game isn’t ruined by discussion after discussion about how bad the officiating has been.  The two mistakes on Sunday clearly affected the teams that were victimized, which was a shame. That being said, it’s a shame that Argentina has to face Germany in the quarters, as it should be at least a semi-final.

By the way, even though this is a post-game post, I’ll still do a Kits of the Day as it was a great looking day on the pitch.


England’s road blood reds Echoing St. George’s Cross, the Three Lions looked super cool in contrast to the white and black of Germany. While I love the white shorts as pictured in the link, the all red today was sweet.

Mexico’s home green – Much better than their road blacks.

I know I’m in the minority here as the black jerseys are sold out.

Argentina’s home blue and white – Argentina loses points for wearing the road navy shorts and navy socks.

It detracted from the polished, regal look in the link.

Germany’s home white and black – Like the Germans themselves, these are efficient and understated.

I do like the thin vertical stripes of the flag passing through the crest.

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