Four With Three (Stripes)

Saturday’s games featured four teams outfitted by adidas, the brand most associated with soccer. The iconic three stripes have been part of my soccer experience growing up, from the Beckenbauer Liberos and Copa Mundials that I wore as a high school player to the uniform of the Scotia-Glenville Tartans I wore and the Azteca ball that I got at Mountain View Soccer Camp in Lake Placid, where I first was exposed to the Dutch Total Football techniques and anything European for the first time.

I’m sure there are a few brand managers in Herzogenaurach, Germany feeling pretty good about watching the games today. The semi-final that I’ll be attending on Tuesday will feature Nike’s Netherlands vs. Puma’s Uruguay.  Puma invested a ton in the African teams, with Ghana rewarding them with their quarterfinal run.  That had to ease the pain of Italy’s first round departure.  On Wednesday, the efficiency and blazing speed of Germany will take on Spain in what should be an intriguing match.

Sean Scales | CITY SPORTS

Chief Operating Officer

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