City Sports Gift Card Exchange Program

We get emailed several times a day with a variety of questions:

1. How many miles can I get out of my shoes?
2. What do you recommend for tight IT bands?
3. Do I REALLY have to workout today?
4. How do I use my City Sports gift card/merchandise credit from the old City Sports?

We can easily answer the first three (1. About 400 miles. 2. Foam rolling and dynamic stretching. 3. Yes.), but the last one has been a challenge. We bought City Sports because, like you, we loved the store and didn’t want to see it go away. But, as part of that purchase, we did not receive any business records or customer purchase data (including gift cards and merchandise credits). That information went away when the previous City Sports went away. We also didn’t receive the funds from those cards or credits, which makes it impossible for us to accept them.

But we feel your pain (we lost our gift cards, too!), so we came up with a solution that should help make you feel a little better.

We will accept any gift cards and merchandise credits regardless of how old, or how little is left on the card, and will turn them into discounts and special offers for you to use.

How it Works:

Email us at with the following information:

A photo of your gift card or merchandise credit
Your first and last name
The email address you plan to use for purchases
You’ll Receive an email with coupon codes for:

25% off your next order
Free shipping through the end of the year
10% off all orders through the end of the year
That’s all you have to do and we’ll take care of the rest. We tried to keep it simple and worthwhile. As always, we welcome your feedback and input so please keep it coming!

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